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Everything You Need To Be Successful In Your New Business

Your Success Kit: With 400+ lessons, expert mentorship in our group, and over 100 resources including business tools and website guides, we provide everything for your tinting business journey. Transform from novice to pro with all you need at your fingertips.

Ready-to-Go Success: Everything you need, right at your fingertips. Our program equips you with the essential tools and know-how for your tinting venture, all accessible with a click. Start your journey with us and see success unfold

What Does Tint School Online Offer?

All courses included in the $849 mega bundle

Workshop Lessons

Beginners Tint Training

Become a professional window tinter with our beginner-friendly course, designed to take you from zero to pro in no time.

Worth $799
Workshop Lessons

Advanced Tint Training

Master the art of window tinting with our advanced training course. Discover expert tips and tricks, innovative tools, techniques and film types to speed up your tint time, make more money and become a master of your craft.

Worth $299
Workshop Lessons

Mobile Tint Training

Our mobile tint training allows you to expand your tinting business to new locations and customer bases with unique skills not taught elsewhere.

Worth $249
Workshop Lessons

Headlight & Taillight Tint Training

Our headlight and taillight tint training covers the entire process of tinting and restoring vehicle lights which can result in a great income for upsells.

Worth $149
Workshop Lessons

Business Blueprint

Uncover the secrets of success, follow the exact same path our students have taken that allowed them to achieve $1000 days.. Multiple Business strategies to choose from.

Worth $699

There is still more

The Tint Vault

Gain access to a vast collection of valuable assets such as images, videos, and more, to distinguish yourself from others in the tint industry.

10% Lifetime Discount

Get a lifetime discount on the latest carbon and carbon ceramic window films from a top-rated company offering cutting-edge technology.

$100,000+ Tint Plan

Watch Elliot's daily live videos as he flies to Kansas and builds a window tinting business from the ground up, generating $3000 in just one week.

And more....

Fully Optimized Tinting Website

Stand our from your competition with your very own window tinting website that was valued at $2,500 to create that is preloaded with images and videos for your business!

Window Tinting Starter Kit

Get ready to start your new business right away with all the tools you need and training film included! Follow the 12 week business starter guide that has helped our members start their 6 figure a year tint business

The world's largest tint course

In 2024 we now have 400+ tutorials

At Tint School Online, we pride ourselves on being the largest and most successful tint training program in the world. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the growth and success of our school and our members.

Start Your Tinting Business Today

Take the leap into entrepreneurship with our Online Tint School. Learn the skills, build your business, and be your own boss. Enroll now and begin your success story!

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$ 325 /per month
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Employee Logins
  • 30 Day Money Back